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Experience the Comfort and Power of the 2019 Lincoln MKT

When you want a car that you can trust to get you to your destination safely and efficiently, consider the 2019 Lincoln MKT. This luxurious sedan comes packed with features that can be customized to fit with your individual driving needs.

To maximize traction and allow for exceptional handling, the Lincoln MKT comes with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. 

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Performance and Style in the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Finding the right midsized luxury vehicle in Montgomery, AL doesn't have to be difficult. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is filled with features designed to create an exceptional driving experience under any conditions.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is set up to suit any driver. With Dynamic Torque Vectoring and an adaptive suspension that can be adjusted to fit your driving needs...

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Do You Need a Car That Makes Driving Easier?

It feels good sitting behind the wheel that makes the driving experience a genuine joy. From an engine powerful enough to handle the rigors of the road to features that make day to day driving easier, having a vehicle that is built to perform is a benefit. The 2018 Lincoln MKT is a midsized crossover with features that make tackling the road a breeze.

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Upscale Exterior Upgrades for the Lincoln MKC

Whether you're headed for the great outdoors for weekend fun or fighting traffic to get to your job on the weekdays, the Lincoln MKC can take you there in comfort and style. It's available 2.3-liter engine uses turbocharging, twin independent variable camshaft timing, and direct injection to produce up to 285 hp and 305 lb.-ft. of torque. Available intelligent all-wheel drive ensures that you maintain traction even when the roads are slippery.

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Identifying Signs for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Be on the lookout for these warning signs of potential tire failure.

When your car hits a pothole, you are doing damage to the front end which in turn affects the tires. Once the front-end alignment is knocked out of whack, the tires will begin to wear unevenly. Once this happens, the tread wears faster and the tire is now at a greater risk of blowing out. 

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Here is How to Jump Start Another Car Quickly

This guide for jump-starting one car using another will allow you to safely work near the battery. Here’s some tips for jump-starting your battery the right way.

  • Get each vehicle as close to one another so the jumper cables can reach the battery easily, then you can turn off the car and place both in park.
  • Identify the positive ends of the battery cables and the battery itself.
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Vehicle Belts and Hoses

Over time, various belts and hoses wear out and need replacing. These parts are necessary to enable the alternator, fan, power steering, water pump to air conditioner to function. Hoses and lines commonly deliver fluids to various components. The timing belt ensures that the pistons and valves move at precise times.

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How Do Gaskets Work?

Knowledge is power, as they say, and knowing what the basic engine parts are and how they function is helpful in keeping your vehicle well-maintained. Gaskets serve an important service by keeping fluids and gases from freely circulating throughout the engine and by not allowing them to escape.

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