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Which Do You Prefer: All-Wheel-Drive or Four-Wheel drive?

People have some credible choices when it comes to multiple-wheel-drive vehicles depending on the use they intend for their driving time. However, there is sometimes some confusion as to what the difference is between four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive.

Four-wheel-drive is probably the most familiar term to most people because it has been around for the longest. Pickup trucks and oversized off-road SUVs are the primary vehicles that use four-wheel-drive. The use of a split differential and lower gear ratios make four-wheel-drive what it is, the handy design that gives...

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7,500 Miles is the New Standard Recommendation for Oil Changes

If you remember watching your dad or grandfather checking the oil level in the car by removing the dipstick and carefully inspecting it, you probably follow this same procedure yourself. As children, we learn by watching our elders and listen to their advice - like changing the oil every 3,000 miles and cleaning the windshield every time you fill up. People used to do this religiously because it used to be a good practice, but times have changed.

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Advice before the End of Your Lease in Montgomery, AL

Are you in search of end of lease advice? You may spend time doing heavy research as your lease gets closer to expiration. You might be searching on the internet for the best available vehicles. Your next move doesn't have to come from cyberspace, it can be found here at Stivers Lincoln!

Our finance department wants you to be aware of the great options you have available at our dealership. Your lease end means terrific options. Did you know we can extend the current terms of your lease? This can give you more time to think about your next…

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Planning for Your Holiday Road Trip in Advance

Don't make the same mistake that the majority of drivers will do this holiday season. Planning in advance will help you avoid traffic jams and get to your final destination on time.
* Since the majority of travelers leave in the morning, get a huge jump on traffic by leaving right after dinner. This will give you eight hours of traveling with fewer people on the highways.
* Locate airports along your route and take alternate roads that will bypass all that congestion. Most travelers will be on the main roads in bumper to bumper traffic.
* If you have a long…
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Luxury Size Gets Larger: The 2018 Lincoln Navigator

If you've ever driven a small, cramped car, you know how nice it can be to stretch out in something bigger. In 2017, the Lincoln Navigator was easily the best big SUV in the business. Boasting one of the largest designs on the market, it delivered comfort, power, and leg room that few other vehicles could match. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator wants to take that experience a step further.

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Say Goodbye to a Hot Car Cabin with These Tips

Summer is full of wonderful memories and good times with friends and family, but it's also the only time of the year that your car turns into a blast furnace when you park it in the sun. So, to reduce your high-temp woes this season, we've got three ways you can make your cabin more comfortable after being stuck in direct sunlight.

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Ideas for Your Roadside Emergency Kit

We hope you never have a roadside emergency situation, but we want you to be prepared in case such a situation should ever arise. Planning ahead and keeping a roadside emergency kit on hand in your vehicle is a smart idea.

Here are some ideas for what your kit could include:

  • Car charger for your cell phone
  • Cash for gas, food, or other emergency expenses
  • Empty, spill-proof gas can
  • Reflectors or flares to put around your vehicle for visibility
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Small toolkit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Spare tire with a jack
  • Quart of oil
  • Gallon of coolant…
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Stay Safe While On the Road

No one wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Following some simple safety tips can help make sure you and your passengers stay as safe as possible when you get behind the wheel:

Put the phone down. It is simply not OK to text, surf the web, or carry on deep phone conversations while you are driving. Cell phones are just too distracting, and you need to keep your attention on watching the road and your surroundings.

Plan ahead so you do not feel like you need to speed. Always try to give yourself plenty of time to…

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