How Does Lincoln Use the ABS in the Lincoln MKZ?

Braking on a slippery road can be a harrowing experience. The Anti-Locking Brake System (ABS) has prevented many accidents on the open road over recent years. Lincoln engineers use an upgraded version of the ABS in the Lincoln MKZ.

As in other vehicles, the Lincoln MKZ has devices that sense when a wheel is about to lock up. The sensors are the part of the ABS that sends a signal to the car’s computer triggering a takeover of the braking system of that wheel. The computer begins to apply braking power and release it, again and again, several times a second. The problem arises when the notification about the wheel does not arrive on the computer. For this reason, Lincoln engineers added four channels by which the information is sent.

At Stivers Lincoln in Montgomery, AL, we service every ABS during an oil change.

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