In Roadside Emergency Think Safety First

Roadside breakdowns can occur at any time, and when your vehicle is disabled, then safety is the priority. Roadside emergency equipment can help keep driver and passengers safe and speed up the process of roadside assistance. Roadside hazard warning lights and reflective signs are excellent tools for alerting oncoming traffic.

Montgomery drivers understand that they can improve roadside safety by advanced preparation. Each vehicle can have a safety kit that includes flashlights, flares, reflective signs, and red or white cloth flags. Drivers need a plan that they should stay in their vehicle if it is clear of the roadway, or if getting out would be unsafe.

At Stivers Lincoln, we offer maintenance and inspection services to reduce your risk of roadside breakdown; we can inspect and replace damaged tires, worn belts, and broken hoses. We have a knowledgeable and helpful staff to explain roadside safety and show accessories and equipment to keep you safe and get you back on the road. Schedule your appointment today!

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