As a luxury car, the Lincoln Continental offers an awesome look few manufacturers can top. The look and style of the vehicle join with the performance capabilities to deliver a popular model. The performance features might impress people the most.

Cruise control goes to another level with the adaptive version found in this model. A unique "stop-and-go" function further enhances how the adaptive cruise control works. Adaptive cruise control employs smart technology that keeps tabs on other vehicles. The cruise control then makes the required adjustments.

Drivers and passengers inside a luxury want the best experience possible. Excess noise does draw away from the overall positive time in the car. "Active noise control" enhances a drive-by cutting down on unwanted and distracting sounds. Built-in microphones help filter what comes through the speakers.

The best way to see if the Lincoln Continental is for you involves taking the car on a test drive in Montgomery. We have several models in the Stivers Lincoln showroom, so come here and make that drive.

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