Vehicle Belts and Hoses

Over time, various belts and hoses wear out and need replacing. These parts are necessary to enable the alternator, fan, power steering, water pump to air conditioner to function. Hoses and lines commonly deliver fluids to various components. The timing belt ensures that the pistons and valves move at precise times.

Symptoms of timing belt wear include fraying, damaged teeth, backfiring or vehicle failure. Symptoms of problems with a serpentine belt include cracking or tearing. The belt might also slip, which causes squealing. The extreme heat emitted by the engine eventually causes hoses to become brittle. Cracking or splitting is common.

Periodically visually inspect these parts before trouble occurs. If not replaced as needed, belts and hoses may completely fail and create costly repairs. At the first sign of wear, make an appointment at Stivers Lincoln to have the part replaced by one of our qualified technicians.

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