How Do Gaskets Work?

Knowledge is power, as they say, and knowing what the basic engine parts are and how they function is helpful in keeping your vehicle well-maintained. Gaskets serve an important service by keeping fluids and gases from freely circulating throughout the engine and by not allowing them to escape.

The gaskets work by forming a seal between surfaces so that the fluids won't mix together or leak out entirely. Gaskets are commonly thin and flat and are usually made from layers of thin steel or copper or from rubber. Keeping the coolant and oil changed and fresh and maintaining the correct torque on the head bolts is helpful in extending the life of the gaskets, but eventually, gaskets can and will fail.

In order to keep your vehicle gaskets and other components in top working condition, bring your vehicle in to Stivers Lincoln in Montgomery, AL for us to perform a complete check of your gaskets for your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will provide this and any other services you may need.

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