When you buy a car, you may wonder where to take it for repairs or routine maintenance. The debate will always lie on whether to take the car to the mechanic shops or the car dealers. Our team at Stivers Lincoln is here for that reason, and we will help you find the best solution for your vehicle, which is going to the original car dealers.

Why choose car dealers over independent mechanics?

We as car dealers offer the best services since we know more about the cars we sell. Other reasons why dealers are the best option compared to independent mechanics are:

  • Factory certified technicians who are experts in car models and makes.
  • Facilities that are of very high caliber enabling us to handle any repair brought to us.
  • We have very friendly custom service and always look to help our customers.
  • Our special service is designed to help our customers enjoy good service and maximize their budget.
  • There aren't many places where your Lincoln model is as welcome as it is at our service center.

As a customer, you may want assurance that your car can be repaired or can be serviced properly after buying. Some independent mechanics will fix or service your vehicle but the problem may reoccur, and you will have already paid for the services. We as car dealers offer the best services for your car no matter what model or make it is. Stop in and see for yourself at 4000 Eastern Bypass today!

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