OEM Car Parts Are The Best - Here's Why

Vehicles are just about necessary for living life as we know it. Further, if you do not maintain the welfare of your vehicle, it’s likely – although not guaranteed – to cost you more throughout the life of your vehicle.

As such, it’s important to maintain your vehicle with top-notch care. Let’s look at the two central types of parts on the market today.

OEM parts, those made by your vehicle’s first manufacturer, are generally the highest-quality option. Aftermarket parts are all those made by organizations outside of the original manufacturer.

Aftermarkets are available at many non-dealership outlets. However, dealerships like us at Stivers Lincoln often staff the best employees possible, typically having superior expertise to your particular vehicle than other mechanics would.

Come by Stivers Lincoln and let us place the part you pick out on your car or truck – just buy it, we do the hard part.
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