Car Care Tips for Your Lincoln This Summer

Here at Stivers Lincoln, we know that drivers want to maintain the integrity of their new Lincoln model. That is why we present to you a few tips that will help you keep its value intact. Put these tips to use, and you will be prepared for just about any challenge summer throws your way.

Check Your Tires

Hotter temperatures affect your vehicle in various ways. For instance, did you know that the heat rising from the pavement can cause under inflated tires to blow out from friction? Fortunately, you can take precautionary measures to avoid such an incident. Check your tires regularly to make sure they meet the pressure requirements detailed in your owner's manual.

Check Your Engine

On hotter days, your engine is more likely to overheat from working double-duty as well, especially if you do not maintain the right levels for your engine coolant. The purpose of this fluid, as suggested by its name, is to help keep the system cool so that it functions better overall. This will also help prevent the need for a replacement, meaning you can save more money with regular maintenance!

Visit the Stivers Lincoln Service Center

These are but two tips for how you can keep your Lincoln running exceptionally. If you want to learn more or would like assistance from an expert though, you are welcome to stop by the Stivers Lincoln Service Center at any time. With our team's support, you can get your new Lincoln model through the summer without any trouble at all.

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