The Lincoln Way Involves Effortless Ownership

When it comes to driving a Lincoln, customer service isn't something you need to seek—it comes standard. Unlike other buying experiences you may come across, customer service starts with your purchase of a new Lincoln and the result is complete owner satisfaction.

If you're wondering what type of customer service you will receive from your purchase, we're pleased to inform you that it comes in a number of different ways, including vehicle solutions and roadside assistance—just to name a few. Looking to schedule a service appointment? Lincoln's complimentary Pickup & Delivery service is valid for drivers of a new 2017 Lincoln vehicle.

Additionally, drivers can reap the benefits that come with the Lincoln Way App. Consumed with trying to find parking that you dread running errands? With the app you can find and even reserve parking. Further, you can even contact a personal concierge if you find yourself sidelined with a flat or another bump in the road. Its benefits such as these that make driving a Lincoln such an enjoyable experience.

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