People have some credible choices when it comes to multiple-wheel-drive vehicles depending on the use they intend for their driving time. However, there is sometimes some confusion as to what the difference is between four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive.

Four-wheel-drive is probably the most familiar term to most people because it has been around for the longest. Pickup trucks and oversized off-road SUVs are the primary vehicles that use four-wheel-drive. The use of a split differential and lower gear ratios make four-wheel-drive what it is, the handy design that gives more traction by having all four-wheel involved in powering the vehicle. Four-wheel-drive is mostly used for rugged terrain and off-road driving.

All-wheel-drive is designed for paved road driving, and it delivers a steady and safe system that helps vehicles maintain stability in difficult driving conditions. It transmits power to all four wheels with accommodation individual needs per wheel based on road conditions. Sedans, high-performance vehicles, and crossovers use all-wheel-drive.

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