7,500 Miles is the New Standard Recommendation for Oil Changes

If you remember watching your dad or grandfather checking the oil level in the car by removing the dipstick and carefully inspecting it, you probably follow this same procedure yourself. As children, we learn by watching our elders and listen to their advice - like changing the oil every 3,000 miles and cleaning the windshield every time you fill up. People used to do this religiously because it used to be a good practice, but times have changed.

So if you don't need to change your oil as often anymore, why are people still doing it? Well, if you go to a company that does oil changes and charges money for it, they are not going to tell you because that affects their income. If people start changing their oil less, that means they make less money.

Newer engines can go for 7,500 miles or more before needing a change. Check your car's owner’s manual for recommendations or follow up with a service technician at Stivers Lincoln during your next service appointment.

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