Say Goodbye to a Hot Car Cabin with These Tips

Summer is full of wonderful memories and good times with friends and family, but it's also the only time of the year that your car turns into a blast furnace when you park it in the sun. So, to reduce your high-temp woes this season, we've got three ways you can make your cabin more comfortable after being stuck in direct sunlight.

  • Open and close the driver's side door repeatedly with the passenger side window down to blow out the hot air
  • Spin your steering wheel upside down after you park so the part you touch stays in the shade
  • Your gear shift can be covered with a drink koozie, sure to make burned palms a thing of the past

If you're in need of a vehicle to call your own, make your way out to Stivers Lincoln and we'll help you find the new Lincoln model that best meets your needs. Then, when it's hot and sunny out, you'll be prepared with the right car-cooling tips.

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